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Ganesh College of Engineering operates bus services to students and faculties covering 100 km radius in Salem, Namakkal, Cuddalore districts. All students are provided Transportation facilities. All Bus Drivers are well experienced with more than 10 years of driving experience. Hostel students of Ganesh college of engineering can make use of the College Buses, which operated in regular routes , while going home and returning to college. The buses are available from Ganesh College of Engineering to the following bus routes.

1. Mecheri
2. Katchupalli
3. Chinnapampatti
4. Vanavasi
5. Bommidi
6. Belur
7. Muthunaikenpatti
8. Vennanthur
9. Sentharapatti
10. Karumanthurai
11. Veeraganur
12. Veppur