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  • Engineering Practices Laboratory.
  • Manufacturing Technology Laboratory.
  • Computer Aided Machine Drawing Laboratory.
  • Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Laboratory.
  • Strength of Materials Laboratory.
  • Kinematics and Dynamics Laboratory.
  • Metrology and Measurements Laboratory.
  • Thermal Engineering & Heat Transfer Laboratory.
  • CAD/CAM Laboratory.
  • Simulation and Analysis Laboratory.
  • Mechatronics Laboratory.

Engineering Practices Laboratory

Engineering Practices Laboratory is equipped with fabricate carpentry components, pipe connections including plumbing works, welding equipments to join the structures, carry out the basic machining operations and make the models using sheet metal works. This Laboratory is well designed to provide adequate space and convenience to the students and also the Laboratory is equipped with sufficient number of tools well enough to accommodate 4 students per group for doing the experiment, so that the students get the best exposure and confidence.


Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

The Manufacturing Technology Laboratory is one of the department’s largest laboratories, which is equipped with a sufficient number of machines as prescribed in the curriculum. This laboratory is equipped with a Lathe, Slotting Machine, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, Grinding Machine, Gear Hobbing Machine and CNC Lathe.


Computer Aided Machine Drawing Laboratory

Computer Aided Machine Drawing laboratory is equipped with computers, CAD software and Printer. The CAD introduces to the students about process planning and the tools that are needed to carry for process planning. Process planning is an engineering activity that determines the appropriate procedures for transforming raw materials into a final product as specified by an engineering design. Engineering designs are conventionally documented using detailed diagrams indicating important design characteristics such as dimensions, tolerances, materials, and other pertinent specifications. Even though these diagrams convey a large amount of information about a design, they are incomplete in that they do not describe the manufacturing steps necessary to produce the final part.


Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery laboratory is fully equipped with all necessary equipments along with their accessories as required for course as per the syllabus prescribed by Anna University. The laboratory provides training to undergraduate students in flow measurements. The study of pumps and turbines and its mechanisms will enhance the student’s knowledge to choose the right equipment for right work such as pumping the water this laboratory gives the overall knowledge about the production of power from water by using the different turbines.


Strength of Materials Laboratory

The Strength of Materials laboratory is equipped with sophisticated and expensive equipments like Universal testing Machine, Hardness testing machine, Impact testing machine, torsion testing machine etc. The purpose of this laboratory experiments is to understand various aspects of mechanics of materials through laboratory analysis. This laboratory involves many experiments which will help to learn and understand the properties of material as well as the responses under various loads.


Kinematics & Dynamics Laboratory

Mechanisms form the basis of any machine and it is an assemblage of rigid bodies so that they move upon each other with definite relative motion. Objectives of this Laboratory are to impart practical knowledge on design and analysis of mechanisms for the specified type of motion in a machine. With the study of rigid bodies motions and forces for the transmission systems, machine kinematics and dynamics can be well understood.

Demonstration exercises are provided with wide varieties of transmission element models to understand machine kinematics. Various experiments with governors, gyroscopes, balancing machines and universal vibration facilities are available to understand machine dynamics.


Metrology and Measurement Laboratory

The Metrology and Measurements laboratory is equipped with surface plate, vernier caliper, vernier height gauge, micrometer, slip gauge set, dial indicator, sine bar, auto collimator, floating carriage micro meter, mechanical comparator, tool maker’s microscope, profile projector and gear tooth vernier. This laboratory covers areas of linear & angular measurements, limits, fits, screw thread measurements, gear measurements and surface finish measurements.


Thermal Engineering & Heat Transfer Laboratory

Thermal Engineering laboratory consists of various equipments which are two stroke & four stroke petrol engine cut section model, Diesel Engine with mechanical, electrical & hydraulic loading and Flash & Fire point open cup apparatus.

Heat transfer Laboratory consists of various equipments which are refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, Lagged pipe apparatus, pin-fin apparatus, guarded plate apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann apparatus & parallel / counter flow heat exchanger. This Laboratory is mainly utilized by students of mechanical engineering.


CAD/CAM Laboratory

The CAD/CAM Laboratory is giving exposure to enhancing the knowledge and skills of engineers involved in Design and the operation of CNC machines. This Laboratory gives exposure and on hand experience in the field of CAD/CAM.


Simulation and Analysis Laboratory

Simulation & Analysis Laboratory is used to give exposure to software tools needed to analyze engineering problems and to expose the students to different applications of simulation and analysis tools. This Laboratory is well designed to provide adequate space and convenience to the students and also the Laboratory is equipped with sufficient number of computers well enough to accommodate students doing the experiments individually, So that, the students get the best exposure and confidence.


Mechatronics Laboratory

Mechatronics Laboratory is used to know about the method of programming the microprocessor, design, modeling and analysis \of basic electrical, hydraulic & pneumatic systems, which enables the students to understand the concept of mechatronics. This Laboratory is equipped with sufficient number of Equipments well enough to accommodate students doing the experiment individually, so that the Students get the best exposure and confidence.