Admission 2024



Welcome to Ganesh College of Engineering, a Division of Ganesh Educational and Charitable Trust. The aim of the GCE is to provide quality Technical Education in order to develop a Good Talented Skills for employability to succeed in the National and International Companies. In the fast-changing global educational scenario, applying technology-driven, value-based learning is a challenge. To face the competition and to display leadership qualities, you have to be proactive in your strategy. Commitment and dedication are essential to achieving your goals. The need of the hour is the multi-skilled and multi faceted personality. At GCE, we nurture innovation and creativity to create successful Engineers. We have carved a niche in the education sector and known for good Technical systems.

Kalam says "Dream, Dream and Dream and convert your dreams into a reality". Always set high targets; aiming low is a crime. Arise! Awake! Stop not till the goal is reached.