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Centre for Career Development and Training (C- CDT) conduct variety of programs for the students right from first year to hone the students’ skills to work in the competent and challenging environment of the corporate world. C-CDT focuses on overall or 360 degree personality development during the course of study. The services of leading training organizations and psychologist are utilized for the continuous and holistic development of the students.



  • Understand the community in which they work.
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Values & Ethics
  • Interview Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Programming Skills


Good oral and written communication skills are essential in order to understand and deliver information quickly and accurately. Developing communication skills plays a vital role in many aspects of students’ life, from their professional career to social gatherings and their life. The communication skill training is required especially for the students with rural background. Training is conducted during first to fourth semester.


Interpersonal skill is the ability to interact with people through effective listening and communication. These skills are often called as soft skills or life skills and are used to interact with people around, either individually or as a group. The intrapersonal skills are provided to the students to share their views through proper communication and achieve the intended objective in a workplace or in day-to-day affairs. Training is given to students during third and fourth semester.


Presentation skills are necessary in addition to knowledge and skills to crack the interview successfully. The way in which candidates present themselves gives edge over the rest and sets the tone for selection. These skills are inculcated in training programs and also through mock interviews conducted by industry experts and academicians. Interview skill training is conducted during fifth to seventh semester.


Programming skills are expected from engineers of all disciplines by the industries to design, develop, test and maintain their products and services. The students of all the disciplines are given opportunities to learn the basic constructs of the programming languages and to solve the engineering problems by adapting a systematic and scientific approach. The students practice the problem solving regularly by using specialized packages, which facilitate the learning in a step by step method. Training is provided to students during third to seventh semester.

360 Degree or Overall Personality Development

360 degree or Overall Personality Development Program has been designed for improving the Communication skills, Problem solving skills, Interpersonal skills, Entrepreneurial skills, Interview skills, Programming skills and to inculcate Values and Ethics and Life skills of the students. The main objective of this program is to enhance the skill sets required for students to be industry-ready or to be a successful entrepreneur. Based on the feedback received from the stake holders, training requirements are finalized by the senior academicians through brainstorming.
The accountability of an educational institution does not end with making student a graduate, but to nurture talent, entrepreneurship, all-round personality and value system among the students and to foster global competitiveness among the students.
Centralized Training and Placement team is functioning to groom the students to be industry ready during the period of study, integrating social identity with self-identification. Knowledge Institute of Technology offers about 800 hours of training in personality development.


The problem solving skill trainings are given to facilitate the students to solve problems in an effective and timely manner without any impediments. Knowledge alone is not adequate to solve the problems but, complimenting it with systematic problem solving approaches make the difference. This helps the students to overcome hazardous challenges. It is provided during fifth to seventh semester.


Ethics and Values are essential in personal as well as professional life. The values such as Honesty, self-discipline, punctuality, hard work are instilled in the minds of the students by different programs and activities. Professional ethics are taught to practice and follow code of conduct in a workplace. As a result, the students are able to follow the moral values and to cope with the institutional practices. Moreover, they adhere to the code of conduct in the professional career. Training is organized during first to fourth semester.


Important life skills such as time management, resilience, Positive attitude, leadership skills, self-awareness and self-confidence are imparted to the students through various programs organized by different cells and forums. Life skill training is given to students during first to fourth semester.


Training is given through Higher Education and Career Guidance Cell for the students willing to attend competitive exams and to pursue higher studies in India and abroad. Various awareness programs such as Awareness for pursuing MBA, Career guidance about GATE/TANCET, Government sector opportunity, Emerging technologies and career opportunities, Higher education in aboard, Awareness Program for Banking Sectors, Ways to crack competitive examinations, Overseas education in European countries, Ways to smash UPSC (IAS and IPS) exam, IELTS are conducted through Higher Education and Career Guidance Cell.


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