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Survey Laboratory
  The survey lab is equipped with the latest survey equipments such as total station, auto level etc., Consultancy services are offered in the field of surveying land and partition of lands and properties in different districts of Tamil Nadu. The survey camp will be conducted for the benefit of students as a part of academic curriculum.
Extended working hours for Computational Lab, Library and Laboratories for the benefit of Students.
Advanced Total Station – (Sokkia – 2 Nos. & Pentax – 1 No.)
Electronic Universal Testing Machine (100 T) – Blue Star
Well established laboratories with
1 Analogue Cum Electronic Autoload rate control Universal Testing Machine capacity 1000 KN- UTNES100
2 Tensile Testing Machine of 500 kgf capacity for springs
3 Torsion Testing Machine -100 Nm capacity
4 Charpy/ IzodImpact testing Machine
5 Motorized Brinell hardness Tester
6 Rockwell Hardness tester
7 Vickers Hardness tester
8 Deflection Test apparatus
9 Electronic Extensometer
10 Longitudinal Compressometer
11 Le-Chatelier’s apparatus
12 Vicat’s apparatus
13 Binocular Metallurgical Microscope
14 Metavis Make Inverted Metallurgical Microscope with image analysis system and Metavis Image Analysis software
  The Computer Centre in the Department of Civil Engineering provides the knowledge of computer based Analysis, Design & Drafting to the students. To provide the quality education to the students, it has a well equipped Computational Lab with all advanced facilities including 70 computers. Latest Software’s like AUTOCAD, ARCHICAD and Think Design, etc., are available with adequate printing facilities. The lab is kept open for use by students beyond working hours.
1 Bernoulli’s theorem – Verification Apparatus
2 Metacentric height water tank & Ship model with accessories
3 Flow measurement apparatus for fixing notches
4 Flow measurement apparatus for Flume assembly
5 Velocity measurement by pitot tube assembly
6 Venturimeter apparatus
7 Orifice meter apparatus
8 Orifice tank apparatus
9 Rotameter set up
10 Mouth piece Tank apparatus
11 Pipe flow analysis apparatus for major losses
12 Pipe flow analysis apparatus for minor losses
13 Single stage Centrifugal pump
14 Multistage Centrifugal pump
15 Reciprocating pump
16 Deep well pump
17 Gear pump setup
18 Pelton turbine
19 Francis turbine
20 Kaplan turbine
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